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Induction Loops

Probably the most common solution for ensuring that public buildings are compliant with the 2010 Equality Act and assisting people with a hearing impairment. Induction loop technology is a tried and trusted method which can be used very successfully in a wide variety of situations from small counter loop systems up to large halls of 1000m².

It’s important that the correct induction loop system is chosen and that things like overspill and background noise are taken into account before installation. That’s why it’s much more than selling a box. We will survey the site and carefully design the loop layout to ensure that the system is giving maximum benefit to the hearing aid user. 

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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PDA 102 Induction Loop Amplifiers

Induction loop amplifier kits for use in small rooms where sound quality is important.
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PDA 102C Counter Loop Kit

Induction loop kit for till points, information desks and reception desks.
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