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Tour Guide Systems

We all know how difficult it can be to hear everything a tour guide is saying, particularly in a noisy environment, and so our complete Tour Guide solutions will do away with these frustrations.

Our Tour Guide Systems bring clear and intelligible communication to guided tours in many different environments such as museums, historical buildings, open air tours or large factory tours.

They offer maximum flexibility and are easy to use without any previous knowledge of the equipment.

The transmitter and receivers are lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for long periods. The tour guide can use a small lapel or headset microphone leaving their hands free to point out things on the tour, and all the receivers can be supplied with an earpiece or a neckloop which can be used by people who have a hearing impairment, and can use their hearing aid in the T position. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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Basic Tour Guide System

Ideal starter kit for tour guides.
Please call us for a quote

HDC-300 24 Slot Charger and Storage Case

24 slot charger and storage case.
Please call us for a quote

HDC-530 30 Slot Storage and Charging Case

30 slot charger and storage case.
Please call us for a quote

HDC-736 36 Slot Charging Case

30 slot charging case for recharging EJ-7T, EJ-7XT and EJ-7R.
Please call us for a quote

NL-90 Neck Loop for people with Hearing Aid Devices

NL-90 Neck Loop for use with wireless receivers.
Please call us for a quote