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Alerting Equipment

People who are deaf or hard of hearing can find it difficult to hear every day sounds around the home. Missing important alerts like the smoke alarm or someone knocking on the door can make it difficult and sometimes even dangerous for people to get on with everyday life.

Our range of alerting systems have been designed to make your life a little easier. This range can be placed in different rooms is the home and feature loud volumes, flashing lights and vibrating pads to alert of different sounds in the environment, making it easier and safer to get along with everyday life. 

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Additional Smoke Alarm

Additional smoke alarm for The Informer system.

Echo Chime Bell Push

Additional Bell Push for use with the Echo Chime Doorbell unit.

Echo Chime Doorbell with batteries

Loud, flashing wireless doorbell system with bell push.

Echo Sound Sensor Transmitter

Simple alerting option for door intercom systems.

Echo Telephone Signaler Transmitter

Provides an incoming call alert to your Echochime 300.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Detects dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Heat Alarm

Alarm which detects a significant rate-of-rise in temperature.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Smoke Alarm

Designed to work through a network of wireless interlinked smoke alarms.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Strobe Light and Vibrating Pad

Strobe light and vibrating pad for the Fireangel Wi-Safe smoke alarm system.

Geemarc Amplicall 20

Telephone ring indicator and doorbell for people with hearing impairments.

Honeywell Doorbell

Simple and efficient wireless doorbell kit for people who have hearing impairments.

SASP Wireless Complete Signalling System

Wireless Signalling System for people who are deaf or having hearing impairments, alerting them to sounds around the home.

SASP Wireless Doorbell and Telephone Ringer

Wireless extra loud doorbell and telephone ringer.

Silent Alert - System Pack

Alerting system pack for use around the home.

Silent Alert Alarm Clock Charger

The alarm clock charger works with the Silent Alert pager range.

Silent Alert Mini Monitor (Door Bell)

Mini monitor used as part of the Silent Alert Vibrating Pager Unit.

Silent Alert Mini Monitor (Telephone)

Mini telephone monitor which works as part of the Silent Alert pager range.

Silent Alert Trickle Charger

Base unit for charging the Silent Alert Vibrating Pager Unit.