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Additional Smoke Alarm

Additional smoke alarm for The Informer system.

Amplicomms TV2500 - Stethoset

Wireless amplified TV listening system with stethoset.

Amplicomms TV2510 with Neck Loop

Wireless amplified TV listening system with neck loop.

AMT Tie/Desk Microphone

AMT tie desk microphone for use with induction loop listening systems.

Echo Chime Bell Push

Additional Bell Push for use with the Echo Chime Doorbell unit.

Echo Chime Doorbell with batteries

Loud, flashing wireless doorbell system with bell push.

Echo IR Neckloop TV Listener

Infrared TV listener with neckloop.

Echo Mini T-Tech

Portable personal listener which can be used with either a headset or neck loop.

Echo Sound Sensor Transmitter

Simple alerting option for door intercom systems.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Detects dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Smoke Alarm

Designed to work through a network of wireless interlinked smoke alarms.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Strobe Light and Vibrating Pad

Strobe light and vibrating pad for the Fireangel Wi-Safe smoke alarm system.

Geemarc CL7150 Infrared TV Listening System with Stethoset (Digital input)

Infrared TV listening system with stethoset and digital connectivity.

Sarabec LA240 Room Loop System

A practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to their TV or Audio equipment.

SASP Hearing Aid Dehumidifier & Battery Tester

Dehumidifier for cleaning and drying of hearing aids.

SASP Talking Vibrating Alarm Clock, Calendar and Countdown Timer

Small battery operated talking and vibrating alarm clock with calendar and timer features. Ideal for people with both hearing and visual impairments.