We have over 30 years knowledge and experience of working with and meeting the needs of people with hearing and visual impairments. At SASP we are committed to sourcing and developing hearing equipment and visual aids which make lives a little easier. We believe that every hearing loss or sight loss product in our range offers our best possible quality, specification and value. Many of our products are either exclusive to us in the UK or manufactured by us, helping us to achieve our mission of the highest specification at the lowest price.


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Loud, flashing wireless doorbell system with bell push.
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Langham Webinar Success

You know when you agree to do something and then when the time comes you think ‘why did I agree to that’?

Well that was how I felt this morning. I had been asked to do a Seminar on our products – wel...

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Rumour has it....

Rumour has it…..

So, the country is in lockdown and unfortunately there are many businesses in our industry that have had to shut their doors or reduce deliveries to keep their staff and business saf...

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Working from home – challenging or breath of fresh air? - By Marty Brookes (Healthcare Manager)

So, I am currently on day 4 of working from home. I have my laptop and phone and access to everything I need, so why do I feel like I am not properly working? 

In our industry we work with othe...

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