Langham Webinar Success

You know when you agree to do something and then when the time comes you think ‘why did I agree to that’?

Well that was how I felt this morning. I had been asked to do a Seminar on our products – well Raising Furniture Remotely to be exact and as we are in the midst of a horrific pandemic, the seminar was going to be a Webinar.

I was so nervous. I know my product and what I wanted to say but it is so weird doing a Webinar when you know people are watching but you can’t gauge their reactions or see any of them. What if no one logged on to watch? Or what if I fell over!!?

I set everything up and ran through it – the sound quality wasn’t very good! Luckily I was able to do it in the showroom at Head Office but it was so empty that there was a massive echo. We dragged furniture around to try and muffle it and got the camera set up. Then we waited… and Oh My Word!!! So many people logged on to listen!! 422 to be exact with over 1000 people registering!

I am so happy and overwhelmed by the response! Thank you to everyone who logged on to watch – I hope that you all took something away with you and that I was some help.

Special thank you to Stuart Barrow and his team at OTAC and Promoting Independence for suggesting I do this and hosting it.

I think sometimes you just have to come out of your comfort zone and get on with it. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to do more in the future.

If you did watch this afternoon – apologies for the sound – promise it will be better next time! And please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

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Rumour has it....

Rumour has it…..

So, the country is in lockdown and unfortunately there are many businesses in our industry that have had to shut their doors or reduce deliveries to keep their staff and business safe.

Some of us are in the lucky position where we can continue to work because we manufacture and produce products which are helping people either get of hospital quicker or stay in their homes safe and away from this horrific virus. This service is vital in helping the NHS and the vulnerable in our society.

It is a time of uncertainty and trying to let people know that we are still producing and despatching as normal as we possibly can be is proving difficult and I have lost count of the amount of customers who have called saying they are struggling to get our products or think that we have shut.


So here goes –                                             WE ARE OPEN!


If you are finding it hard to get Furniture Raisers, Toilet Seats, Commodes, Grab Rails, Outdoor Steps, Bath Boards, Shower Stools, products for the Hearing impaired, or other Daily Living Aids, give us a call or speak to your supplier, we have good stocks and most deliveries would be within 2-3 days.

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Working from home – challenging or breath of fresh air? - By Marty Brookes (Healthcare Manager)

So, I am currently on day 4 of working from home. I have my laptop and phone and access to everything I need, so why do I feel like I am not properly working? 

In our industry we work with other people all the time, sharing ideas, chewing the fat and having constant communication. So I guess it is very hard to do that when you only have your 12 year old for company who is trying to work out how to do school work remotely, your husband who is pottering around slightly lost as not at work at all and having to drag your 17 year old out of her pit as she mourns the death of her social life…. 

There are people that do this every day as standard – how do you do it? Answers on a postcard please! 

The upside of this though is that I can sit back and take stock of my role and the work we are doing – you get a sense of clarity and I find I can get quite a bit done. I can also contact all of my lovely customers, and make sure they and their families are safe and well and give them the good news that we as a company are continuing to produce and despatch for as long as we are able to, to make sure that vulnerable and elderly people can see their homes as a home and not a prison.. 


Marty Brookes

Healthcare Manager

Homeworking - Marty Brookes

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World Hearing Day 2017


  World Hearing Day is an annual event held on 3rd March. It is promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) aiming to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care across the world.


The theme for 2017 is Action for Hearing Loss: make a sound investment, which aims to draw attention to the economic impact of hearing loss. Many people live with unaddressed hearing loss, and this can pose a high cost for the global economy and significantly impact the lives of those affected. In 2017, the WHO aim to build awareness of the cost-effective interventions that are available to address hearing loss.

World Hearing Day 2017 highlights actions which can be undertaken by decision-makers to address hearing loss. Screening for early identification, rehabilitation through hearing devices, captioning, prevention and sign language are amongst the strategies which can help to improve the understanding of hearing loss and its consequences.

WHO have produced a brochure addressing this year’s theme, which we think makes interesting reading. You can read it here


If you suffer from hearing loss please browse at our wide range of sensory products which could help you to remain independent, and assist with your daily living needs.


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Tinnitus Awareness Week – #TAW2017

Tinnitus Awareness Week –  #TAW2017



Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external noise is present. The condition is very common with 30% of people experiencing tinnitus at some point in their life and approximately 10% of the UK population live with persistent tinnitus. 

Everybody's experience of tinnitus is different. You might hear different types of sound, for example ringing, buzzing, whooshing or humming. The noise may be low, medium or high‑pitched. There may be a single noise, or two or more components. The noise may be continuous or it may come and go.

Although the exact cause of tinnitus is not known, we do know that it is not a disease or an illness. It is generally agreed that tinnitus results from some type of change, either mental or physical.

Although tinnitus can be found in people with normal hearing it is more common in people who have hearing loss or other ear problems. It is estimated that up to 30% of people with hearing loss suffer with tinnitus.

Safe and Sound Products is supporting Tinnitus Awareness Week which runs from 6 – 12 Feb 2017 and more information can be found here on the British Tinnitus Association Website. 

If you suffer from hearing loss please take a look at our online shop here where we have a wide range of products which could help with your daily living needs. 





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5 Reasons to Choose a SASP Telephone

SASP telephones are perfect for people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. 

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Benefits of Having an Induction Loop in Your Home

Domestic induction loops are extremely useful around your home. 

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Vibrating Alarm Clocks - making your mornings a little easier.

Getting out of bed has never been easier with our vibrating alarm clocks.

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No More Arguments about TV Volume with Our TV Listeners

Family movie night has never been easier with our TV listeners.

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Alerting Equipment – Making Domestic Life a Little Easier

SASP alerting equipment for your home.

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