Paging Systems

Helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing to get on with their lives with confidence, retaining independence & providing peace of mind for both the user and their families. Instead of carrying around a variety of different alerting systems, use one simple device to alert you of all them. A smoke alarm, baby monitor, telephone, doorbell and other alerts in your home can all be picked up on one discreet and portable pager.

Transmitter unit sends radio signals to notify users of alerts in their home. 

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SASP Wireless Complete Signalling System

Wireless Signalling System for people who are deaf or having hearing impairments, alerting them to sounds around the home.

Silent Alert Alarm Clock Charger

The alarm clock charger works with the Silent Alert pager range.

Silent Alert Universal Monitor (External Microphone)

Universal monitor with external microphone to work with the Silent Alert range.

Silent Alert Vibrating Pager Unit

Vibrating pager unit designed for people who are hard of hearing.

Silent Alert Wireless Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Wireless ionisation smoke alarm for use with the Silent Alert Vibrating Pager Unit.