Smoke Alarms

An early warning of a smoke alarm can save lives, but people who are deaf or hard of hearing can’t always depend on the sound of a regular alarm to alert them of a fire.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing have to rely on other ways to make them aware of the alert, including vibrating pads and flashing strobe lights. 

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Additional Smoke Alarm

Additional smoke alarm for The Informer system.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Detects dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home.

Fireangel Wi-Safe 2 Strobe Light and Vibrating Pad

Strobe light and vibrating pad for the Fireangel Wi-Safe smoke alarm system.

Silent Alert Wireless Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Wireless ionisation smoke alarm for use with the Silent Alert Vibrating Pager Unit.