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No More Arguments about TV Volume with Our TV Listeners

Living with a hearing impairment can be difficult and frustrating, especially when it restricts you from watching your favourite daily soaps! Hearing the TV and being able to enjoy watching it with your friends/family can be complicated when there are different volume requirements. This is no longer an issue with the use of TV Listeners; offering both digital and analogue listening systems.

SASP TV Listeners work on infrared and FM frequencies, allowing the user to adjust the volume through headphones or an induction loop, without changing the volume on the TV set. Using TV listeners facilitates all your families hearing needs; allowing everyone to listen to Eastenders at their own volume with ease and without argument.


SASP supplies the following TV Listeners: 


Amplicomms TV2500 Wireless Amplified Stethoset Receiver - features high quality sound transmission for personal amplification of sound sources.



Amplicomms TV2510 Wireless Amplified Hearing System with Neck Loop - features high quality, noise-free sound transmission through an inductive neck loop


+ Amplicomms TV2400 Additional Stethoset



TV Ears Listening Stethoset System (Analogue) - TV analogue listening system for people with hearing impairments.

TV Ears Listening Stethoset System (Digital) - TV Ears listening stethoset system (digital).


TV Ears Listening System with Neck Loop - TV Ears Listening System with neck loop.

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