Working from home – challenging or breath of fresh air? - By Marty Brookes (Healthcare Manager)

So, I am currently on day 4 of working from home. I have my laptop and phone and access to everything I need, so why do I feel like I am not properly working? 

In our industry we work with other people all the time, sharing ideas, chewing the fat and having constant communication. So I guess it is very hard to do that when you only have your 12 year old for company who is trying to work out how to do school work remotely, your husband who is pottering around slightly lost as not at work at all and having to drag your 17 year old out of her pit as she mourns the death of her social life…. 

There are people that do this every day as standard – how do you do it? Answers on a postcard please! 

The upside of this though is that I can sit back and take stock of my role and the work we are doing – you get a sense of clarity and I find I can get quite a bit done. I can also contact all of my lovely customers, and make sure they and their families are safe and well and give them the good news that we as a company are continuing to produce and despatch for as long as we are able to, to make sure that vulnerable and elderly people can see their homes as a home and not a prison.. 


Marty Brookes

Healthcare Manager

Homeworking - Marty Brookes

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