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Benefits of Having an Induction Loop in Your Home

An induction loop is a type of sound system designed for use by people with hearing aids. It provides a magnetic, wireless signal that can be picked up by hearing aids when they are set to the ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting.

Domestic Induction Loops include a cable which is placed around the specific area (e.g. lounge or bedroom) and transmits the sound as a magnetic field which is received by your hearing aid. They are useful to hear conversations or sounds from the TV or music players.


So why use an induction loop system?

- The sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid with no need for a receiver/headset.

- They cut out any unwanted background noise, allowing clear noise to be heard through the hearing      aid device.

- Can be used by anyone with a compatible hearing aid, with any number of users using the system      at the same time.

- It is cost effective and discreet.

- As they are not wired to any device, you can walk around and listen to your sound source from anywhere within the loop.


Our SASP induction loops are compatible with a range of items, including; TV’s, fire alarms, doorbells, security systems and microphones.  Our induction loops are designed to be discrete and fit easily into any setting. They are available in a range of sizes making them ideal for the domestic setting; particularly living rooms and study rooms. 



Sarabec LA240 Induction Loop System                                     PDA 102R Induction Loop Amplifier Kit

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06/02/2017 10:57
Thanks for your feedback. Whilst you can get listening equipment with headphones which allows people without a hearing aid to hear what is being put through an induction loop, this equipment can be expensive and is not what the loop system was designed for.  Induction loop systems are primarily installed for hearing aid users who can use the hearing aids T-coil function. For people who have hearing loss but do not wear hearing aids, or don’t have T-coil functionality, then a IR or RF system would be the preferred option.
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