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5 Places to Install a Professional Listening System

SASP has been in the business of supplying professional listening systems for many years, as we have realised how important it is that people with hearing impairments are able to go out and enjoy themselves without being aprehensive about being able to hear a conversation or performance.

So our equipment is often installed in a variety of public buildings and businesses.  

They can be used in the following locations:


Museums and Tourist Attractions – SASP offers tour guide systems compatible with hearing aids and large area listening systems which are effective for audible exhibits.


Schools and Universities – Useful in lecture theatres and school halls, Infrared listening systems ensure all students and teachers are able to hear lessons with minimal disruption.


Hotels and Conferences – Having listening systems in hotel and conference rooms ensures that all guests can fully benefit from hotel services. Our induction loop systems are great in conference rooms, allowing all participants to listen to great quality audio.


Sporting Venues – having listening systems in sporting venues is incredibly important as they ensure that all visitors can hear security notices. They are also useful in enabling those with hearing impairments to listen to commentary and other important event information.

Reception Areas – Our listening systems facilitate easier communication on a one to one basis, these are ideal for reception desks and information points to ensure clear communication. 



If you think a venue needs a listening system then feel free to speak to us about your requirements.

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